A Family Affair

In preparation for a big announcement next week, we’ll be posting regular blog posts about the musicians and instruments of La Speranza.


Last week at our season opener, siblings shared the stage! Well, none of the musicians are related, but two of our instruments are.


Nadia Witherspoon’s violin and Yvonne Smith’s viola were made by the same luthier.


Timothy Johnson, a luthier now based in Connecticut, crafted both of these beautiful instruments. Nadia’s violin, finished in the spring of 2016, was modeled after the Stradivarius P mold, a violin on display in the Stradivari museum in Cremona. The decorations on the violin are from the Nicolo Amati “Louis XIV”, made in 1656 and on display in the Smithsonian museum.


Yvonne’s viola is modeled after the “Conte Vitale” viola by Andrea Guarneri and has a Brothers Amati scroll. The original “Conte Vitale” viola has a cello style scroll, but the Amati scroll better suits the dimensions and aesthetic of the viola. This wonderful instrument was finished in September of 2017. In fact, our season opener was its debut performance. It was extremely honored to perform alongside its older sibling for its very first public concert.



The siblings (and their musicians) are looking forward to many more performances together!

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