What Makes La Speranza Unique, part 2: Behind the Scenes

Unlike larger ensembles that need access to a large space in a theater or church to rehearse, La Speranza is able to rehearse at home, saving us hundreds of dollars in rental fees and allowing our members the flexibility to bring and care for their children.

We rehearse at the home of Joanna Becker, one of our fabulous violinists and a mom of a two-month-old baby boy named Liam. On breaks, she feeds the baby, and we can eat lunch or dinner around the kitchen table.

Giving Gremlin the kitty some attention

While rehearsing at home means flexibility and comfort, we have extremely productive rehearsals in Joanna’s music room, where we have access to scores and sheet music. Liam hangs out with his daddy or his grandmother in the living room. Sometimes Nadia’s son and husband and Fran’s daughters tag along for the day.


We all enjoy getting to see the children and play with the many pets Joanna and her husband Dante keep.

Gus, the tortoise, enjoying a strawberry
Sloopy, not wanting to be left out

Even though we are a relatively new organization, La Speranza already feels like a family because we rehearse at home. I’m extremely fortunate to work with such lovely people!

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