What Makes La Speranza Unique, part 3: Sonorous Sojourns

When I (Yvonne) was in middle school, I had the opportunity through the local youth orchestra to play viola for hospitalized children and their families, and the experience impacted me profoundly. When I began La Speranza last year, I knew I wanted to have the group participate in a similar program.


Sonorous Sojourns brings music to patients and their families in local hospitals. La Speranza is working with Bailey Curtis at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center to bring two musicians for 90 minutes once a month to spend time performing for and visiting with patients and their families. The program was set to begin in September, but Hurricane Harvey had other plans. Currently, our plan is begin playing there at the end of November. Patients will be able to request a visit from a musician (pending doctor approval, of course), and musicians will make the rounds for an hour and a a half, stopping at each room or common area for 15 minutes each.

I truly believe that music helps us in our physical and emotional healing processes, and we are excited to begin bringing music to places of healing like Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center.

Long-term plans for Sonorous Sojourns include expanding to more hospitals and beginning a similar program in a local prison. If you’d like to have La Speranza musicians play at your hospital, please contact me. We’d be honored!

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